Spongelle Flower Boxed Collection (+14 uses) - Assorted Pack
Spongelle Flower Boxed Collection (+14 uses) - Assorted Pack
Spongelle Flower Boxed Collection (+14 uses) - Assorted Pack

Spongelle Flower Boxed Collection (+14 uses) - Assorted Pack

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Can't choose just one fragrance? Our Boxed Flower Assorted Pack includes all eight of our signature Flower Collection fragrances. Perfectly packaged as a gift and designed to cleanse, exfoliate, massage and nourish the skin, from neck to toe.

Spongellé’s unique Body Wash Infused Buffers change instantly under water as you squeeze, from a sensual exfoliating massage texture to as soft as silk. Our patented technology provides a guaranteed number of 14+ washes per buffer.

Fragrance Notes:

Bulgarian Rose T: orange, clove, strawberry M: rose, white flowers, jasmine B: woody, sandalwood, ambery

Coconut Verbena T: coconut, peach M: jasmine, floral B: amber, lemon

French Lavender T: hesperides M: tea rose, amber B: lavender tea, spicy, woody

Freesia Pear T: lemon, grapefruit, pear M: freesia, peony, floral bouquet B: woody, musk, amber

Papaya Yuzu T: mélange of fruity notes M: floral notes of cyclamen and bois de rose B: sweet sugary caramel

Honey Blossom T: musk, aldehydes M: lavender B: powdery notes, creamy vanilla

Beach Grass T: spicy, fruity, green M: jasmine, rose, powdery B: aquatic, woody, musk

Sugar Dahlia T: citrus nuances, solar accord M: midnight jasmine, ylang ylang, freesia, muguet, neroli B: musk

How to Use:

Nestle into an unforgettably refreshing cleansing experience with our perfectly wrapped boxed collection. Unleash Spongellé’s creamy fragrance by placing your body wash-infused buffer under running water to reveal an airy, cloud-like hybrid of exfoliating massage and silky aromatic cleansing. Patented technology ensures a minimum of 14+ washes.

Rinse and squeeze out excess water after each use. The sponge can be re-purposed after complete use.


  • Built-In Body Wash + Buffer

  • Multi-Function, Multi-Use, 14+ Uses

  • All-in-One Beauty Treatment

  • Extracts of Yuzu, Edelweiss, & Vetiver

  • Time-Released Lather

  • Bacteria-Resistant Cleansing

  • Dermatologist Tested

  • Vegan Friendly, Cruelty-Free

  • Proprietary Infusion Technology

  • Chic hanging ribbon design

  • Portably designed for travel

Key Ingredients

glycerin, water, fragrance, yuzu extract, edelweiss extract, vetiver root extract

Made in the USA.

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