Click & Collect


*Note: From 1st March 2021, you can bring your own bag or we will charge $0.50 each for a reusable woven bag with every purchase in-store or at Online store. 
You will receive an email or text ( within 1-2 working days ) once your order is ready for collection. 
- Click & Collect pick-up hours based on stores/office operating hours as stated above.
- Kindly provide the notification email or text that you received on STEP upon collection for verification purpose.
- Please collect your orders within 7 days upon receiving the email notification that your order is ready for collection.
- If you failed to pick up your order within the time-frames, please reach out to us via email ( ) or call us at ( +65 6223 8850 ) to reschedule for another pick up time.
Prefer to get delivered to your doorstep? Find out more here.
Please feel free to contact us at Analogue+ Facebook Page if you have any questions. If you are looking for a faster response, you may contact us via the following ways:
[Chat with us] ( Blue/Orange button on the right of the window ) or,
[Contact us] (Green button on the bottom of the window)