The 5 New Normal After Circuit Breaker

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Rejoice as we exit the Circuit Breaker towards the next phase of reopening Singapore. For the past few months, has working from home and wearing mask becomes the new normal for you? Let's take a look back at what are some of the "New Normal" that will be different after the Circuit Breaker.

The New Normal 1: Wearing mask

Wearing a mask is now part of our lives when you leave your residence even going out to throw your rubbish or taking public transport. 

Maintaining the cleanliness of your mask is important. Take a look at the various sterilizing tools you can use to sterilize your masks and belongings such as your phone within minutes.

The New Normal 2: Working From Home

How are you doing with working from home? Many employees expressed that they are more incline to working from home even after the Circuit Breaker though there are challenges faced.

Also, some of the tech giants like Facebook and Google have confirmed that their employees can work from home permanently. Setting up your home ready for conference call might be challenging but with these tools, you can breeze through the meeting.

The New Normal 3: Workout at home

With the gym and fitness areas still remain closed, many of us have took to online platforms such as YouTube to do home workout to continue keeping fit. This also led to many people purchasing fitness equipments from yoga mats to dumbbells.

Check out some of the audio equipment from portable speakers to earphones suitable for your workout at home so that you do not need to max out the volume of your laptop.

The New Normal 4: Out-of-ordinary celebration 

If your birthday have just passed recently, you are sure have a special way of celebration this year. With dining in at public areas prohibited and many non-essential business halted, many of us took the celebration to online platforms like Google Meet, Houseparty or Animal Crossing.

Elevate your celebration with these tech gadgets to have a "WOW" experience at home.

The New Normal 5: Online shopping trend 

Last but not least, shopping have been the new normal during the Circuit Breaker with many essential items can be brought from major online retailers like Lazada and Shopee. Have you been buying things online since the start of Circuit Breaker?

You are not alone as the online shopping scene have further exploded with goods delivered to your house directly. You can also find us on LazMall and Shopee platforms to bring you the same shopping experience.


Let's embrace the new normal after the Circuit Breaker and we will look forward to meeting you once again when it enters the second phase of post circuit-breaker. In the meantime, shop for the latest tech and audio gadgets with us and we will deliver to you.

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