Mother's Day Guide: Gifts Mom Will Approve

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This Mother's Day will be looking a lot different this year - but it doesn't need to be any less special. This is time to make it a memorable moment even though the times are tough.

Also, let's not forget about the special women that have an impact in your lives. You can spend more time with her in person or using technology to close the gap. We've picked some of the best gifts that your mom will approve.

1. Theragun G3 Percussive Massager

From waking the kids up to preparing the meals for everyone in the household, being a housewife is not easy and it's a never ending chore. Give her a massage after a long day would be ideal to relax her muscles.

With the Theragun G3 percussive massager, the device can release muscle tension, tightness and soreness. Together with 4 different attachments included, it is designed for specialized treatment of every muscle group.

2. Muzen On The Road Portable Speaker

From listening to her favorite songs to hearing news on the radio, you can rely on this retro-looking portable speaker. Muzen On The Road (OTR) portable speaker is the best companion for your mom with an orchestral sound quality despite it's size and the vintage design. Switching to different mode is easy with the turning of the knobs. 

3. Pedic Sports UV Sanitizer (Sakura) 

Showing love and care to your mom have numerous ways and giving her a sanitizer shows that you care about her health. This portable sanitizer uses ultraviolet light to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and fungi. Within 10 minutes, your personal items can be sterilize such as shoes, bag and even mask can be decontaminate to reuse it. 

4. Matador Packable Hip Pack

If you are thinking of shopping for luxury bag for her, save it for later and grab her something more practical. The Matador Packable Hip Pack is made from waterproof material and is the perfect hands-free place to keep your essentials from hand sanitizers, phones and other valuables. This amazing small pack can be conveniently tucked away when not in use. 

5. Hip Product Factory Ekko

Whether your mom likes to watch drama all day or chatting with friends on the phone, Hip Product Factory Ekko is the savior of the day. This serves as a secure phone dock that helps you to keep the conversation going together with natural amplifier adds up to 10dB of volume to its built-in speakers. You can let your mom connect with you through FaceTime too and hearing your voice loud and clear.

Let's show your appreciation towards your mom on every other day too!

Not just show your appreciation towards your mom on Mother's Day but also every other day too. Spend more time with her just like how she spent time with you when you are still little.

You can find more gift ideas here. Don't forget to grab your gift earlier so that it will reach by 10 May 2020. 

PSA: Due to the recent measures restrictions, please take note that deliveries may take a longer time to reach.

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