Can UV Light Kill Viruses and Germs?

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While you scroll through your social media feed lately, have you been exposed with the word "UVC Light"? This have been common recently due to the coronavirus outbreak which lead to many consumers looking for sterilizer. Let us take a deeper look at what does the UVC light does and how it helps.

What is UVC light?

UV-C light lies on the same UV light spectrum, which has a wavelength between 200 and 280 nanometers (nm), capable of destroying viruses and bacteria. The UVC light is primarily used in facilities such as hospitals to sanitize the medical equipments. 

Why does it matter?

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus worldwide, we have unknowingly increase the level of hygiene from washing of hands to wearing mask. All these activities will help to reduce the growth of bacteria and germs.

However, for those items that we use everyday also will attract germs and bacteria through the daily activities especially our phones. Nowadays, there are many UVC light santization kit for consumer to use. Most of the kits are safe to use in human contact but prolong usage is not recommended. Don't worry as we have selected five sanitization kit that is safe to be use for sanitizing your personal belongings.


1. A+ UV-C Sterilizer Box with Wireless Charger

A big storage box that can place phones with up to 6.6 inches such as iPhone 11 Pro Max, masks and earphones within it. The detachable lid makes it easy to lift up and it will stop when it detects the lid is being detached. What's more, when you are sterilizing other belongings, you can charge your phone on top of the box.

2. Travelmall Multi-functional Portable UVC Sterilizer

If portability is one of the criteria that you are looking for, this will be great for you to carry around. With the size that is slightly larger than a lipstick, you can bring around to sterilize the equipments that you use daily such as your personal laptops, phones and many more. With the charging cable included, you can charge the sterilizer once it run out of battery. 

3. Nillkin SmartPure Ultraviolet Sterilization Lamp


This smart sterilization lamp not only sterilize your personal belongings, it also can eliminate mites found in your house. The smart sensing feature will automatically turn off when it sense someone within 3 meters range. The safety feature bring convenience to household with kids so that they would not be injured. The compact design allows you to bring it out and sterilize areas that might not be convenient to reach. 

4. Pedic Sport Portable UV Sanitizer


The award-winning Pedic Sports is back with the limited edition Sakura Pink UV Sanitizer. Within 10 minutes of usage, your sports gears like helmet, gloves and even shoes and will be sanitize. The small and compact design makes it easy to carry around. Once the battery run flat, you can charge it with the cable included.

5. Travelmall XL Multi-functional UV sterilizer station with Qi Wireless Charger

Similar to the first design, Travelmall UV Sterilization box is slightly different with the choice of dual modes. You can choose to sterilize your items either for 18 minutes or 30 minutes with just press of the button. The UVC light is located at the corners of the box with the auto sensing of movement which will automatically stops when the lid is open. Also, you can charge your smartphone and Apple AirPods on the top of the box too. 


Now, you are just one step closer to giving your phone a much needed bathe. Check out more health accessories here and stay safe.

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