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Whether you are hypebeast or swagbeast, surely you must have heard that Classic Blue is the pantone colour of 2020. Anticipating new trendy colours? We have collated a series of colours that we think make the list.

1. Blue - AfterShokz Aeropex Bone Conduction Earphone

Want to be in the known of the surroundings when you cycle or running, this is the ultimate earphone that you should own! The use of bone-conduction technology, it allows you to hear your surroundings and listen to your music in a safe manner. AfterShokz Aeropex Bone-Conduction earphone features smaller, lighter and even waterproof (IP67). Now, you can exercise with peace.

2. Pink - Beefo Portable Speaker

Brighten up your day with Beefo Portable speaker that does more than playing music. With the easy touch panel control, you can switch songs, play your favorite radio station and even wake you up with the alarm clock function. Designed to be retro turntable style, you can play with it and explore the wonders of the speaker. 

3. Green - Master & Dynamic MW07+ True Wireless Earphone (Jade Green)


Rethink what a true wireless earphones sound like with Master & Dynamic MW07+ True Wireless Earphone boasting up to 40 hours of playtime fitted with Beryllium drivers allow you to listen to the slightest details ever. One of the few True Wireless earphones offering Active Noise-Cancelling mode so to boost the listening experience futher. Now available in two new colours, Jade Green and Black Pearl, of your choice.

4. Red - Uniq HydeAir Powerbank (10,000mAh)


Powerbanks have seen to be a necessity for every modern people and why not add a hint of red hue to it. With Uniq HydeAir Powerbank, you can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously with hidden phone kickstand so that you won't have any problem binge-watching your show.

5. Orange -Skinarma iPhone Case

Level up your game with Skinarma Bakodo iPhone case, a collection that channels your mood through frosted protection, perfect for the hypebeast to show off their case. With protections at the corner of the case, it will guard your phone from unnecessary damage (when use correctly). This collection is available in iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. 

It's time to style up yourself and your accessories

With the above recommendation, you are sure to create a new collection of different hues to your daily necessities. You can get all these lifestyle and audio gadgets at Analogue+ online store. For the first time shopping on A+ online, you get to enjoy FREE Delivery with any purchase (limited time offer).

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